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DiviDED By sky

歌曲名:The Divided Sky 歌手:Phish 专辑:The White Tape Ahhh! Phish Divided sky, the wind blows high [The divided sky chant is part of an ancient ritual dating back to the pre-Wilson years of She purity in Gamehendge. After liste...

21 Guns] 21声炮响 Do you know what's worth fighting for, 你知道什么才是值得为之战斗的? When it's not worth dying for? 当并不值得为之而死 Does it take your breath away 它有没有让你无法呼吸 And you feel yourself suffocating? 你...

I was in the winter of my life 我正处在一生中的寒冬时刻 And the men and I met alone the road were my only summer 然而我在那条路上遇见...

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